“I Dreamt I Dwelt in Harlem”

December 16, 2010

Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally!

*SPACIOUS ROOM (6′ x 6′) for rent in the heart of Manhattan-just $950 a month!*

[No Broker Fee!!] (small fee for credit check, background check, paternity testing, and US Visa Application)

Those are just a few of the warnings, tips, and advertisements I have encountered while searching for a place to live. I started my search with a partner but due to technical difficulties and deadlines I will finish the assignment solo.

My first stop in the pursuit was craigslist . I was browsing through the listings and a strange feeling came over me-chills running up and down my arms, breath coming in short spurts, and my eyes were bulging-I now know that those are the symptoms associated with monetary induced shock. After returning back to a less exasperated state I discovered lots of promising places.

Since I’m going this whole thing alone I’m looking for a roommate and the search is a difficult one. It has been a huge challenge since I’m not in the city yet. I email/contact at least 3 people everyday and now once again I’m playing the waiting game…again. There are days when I’ll get several emails back from interested individuals but they include statements like, “I’ll pay your rent only if you’ll be my personal companion”. My creeper radar is blazing from all of the weirdos that are on craigslist. However, there have also been some awesome people who start their replies with “I’m not a creep, I swear”. As comforting as that should be I’m still awkward.

I have two options for my final move date: 1) Leave around the 28th and bring in the New Year in NYC or 2) Move after the first and risk losing some great apartment options. Things are still up in the air with that I’ll decide in the next couple of days what I could/should do.

Everyone who has lived in New York has an opinion about what borough is safe, the best, and affordable. I’ve got three top choices for where I want to live but I’m not absolutely positive about which place I really want to live. Astoria, Upper West Side, Brooklyn (Park Slope), and if I get really lucky maybe I’ll find a closet I can stand in near NYU for a decent price-not likely but a girl can dream.

Until the holidays are over I’ll be at home and working out the last 2 weeks of my job and compiling all of my winter wear into two suitcases and a carry on. Ladies and gentlemen this concludes entry two of my blog. Once again I’ll leave you with some words describing my apartment hunting situation:

“New York is a densely packed mass of humanity and all this living on top of one another makes the New Yorker a special kind of person. It’s hard to put a finger on what makes the place buzz so hard but the city’s hyperactive rush keeps drawing more and more people to it.”

I agree with this statement-I don’t know what magnet NYC has in it but I have its pair in me and I’m drawn in and can’t look back. Even if I end up living in a deluxe refrigerator box…

Topic of next blog: Fear and Anticipation.


2 Responses to ““I Dreamt I Dwelt in Harlem””

  1. Randy Says:

    Hey if you need a refrigerator box let me know I can hook you up with about 4 or 5 of them and you can build a cardboard condo!! JS

  2. Charles Says:

    Just so you know Sam Gam you do have quite the hook up. Your cuz and Aunt can get you enough refrigerator boxes to build your own little town!! Shit I’ll throw in a couple dishwasher boxes and you will be set!!

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