“Why Should I Worry?”

December 27, 2010

*yes, the title of this blog is from “Oliver and Company*

The people that I’ve known that have moved to NYC offered up this advice, “It’s a hard city but once you get the hang of it it’s just like a tough playground [with knives and gangs]”.

As I’ve stated before there are a few things that scare me about moving to the city one would be that whole finding a place to live aspect. I live approx. 17 hours (981 miles) from NYC so searching can be a struggle (apartment search).

The next scary moment in my NYC life will come forth when I have to travel back and forth to class. One of my classes begins at 8:45 PM so hopefully I won’t get robbed, randomly punched, or abducted by the Dominican Mafia. Those are my biggest fears but I also have several smaller worries that are less life and death and more about glitter and men…I’ll explain.

As any normal 22 year old woman, I’m concerned about the male population in NYC. I need to know that my life won’t become one big cat lady saga. Since I’m a HUGE “Sex and the City” fan I’ve learned from Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha that New York has a male to female ratio of 1:7. It’s like being The Needle in the haystack. On top of that I’m going to the theatre capitol of the world. If being in the theatre for 8 years has taught me anything it’s that most of the men who call themselves “theatre guys” are at least 35-45% gay. I’m almost sure I need to steer clear of all singing, dancing, and Liza loving men until my gaydar is tuned to the New York frequencies. 

Most of my friends would describe me as loud, outgoing, and sometimes overbearingly forthright. But in a city full of Italian-Americans this mouth of the South girl from Blackshear, GA will barely make a ripple in that big pond. I have yet to come up with a plan to stand out so instead of taking that route I’m going to blend, blend, blend! This is one instance where I think hanging back in the crowd will benefit me.

Lately I’ve been going through days when I feel so anxious about moving that I can’t sleep and then there are others when I get so sick of looking for places to live and jobs and everything else that I just want to say f*ck it and take a week off. From now until I move I’ll just take it one step at a time and then finally the big leap!

In “TiM” tradition here’s your dose of quote-

“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face. We must do what we think we cannot.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


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