Generic New Year’s Post

January 1, 2011

I’ve been watching “The Ball” drop on TV for years and as I watched this year I came to the realization that this time next year I will be in the city where this awesome event happens. I will be a resident of NYC. How amazing is that?

I have a feeling that many New Yorkers are above the whole ball drop thing and it seems to me like a lot of tourists end up in the city, out in the cold, watching a gigantic ball drop 77 feet in a matter of seconds. I have done a little research (thank you wikipedia) and found out that people are directed into “pens” that start at 43rd street and end somewhere near Central Park (nowhere close to Times Square, mind you). Over a million people gather for this event that had it’s 103rd anniversary tonight. If I were a New Yorker I’d rather have my NYE inside where there aren’t insane amounts of people gathering. I’m sure the people who go out for this have that “pigs in a blanket” complex by the time they leave and just want some fresh air and space-hard to find in NYC. So the tourists move out and the everyday people go about their business.

Since I’ll be in NYC next year I’ll more than likely go out and experience the Times Square Ball drop just so that I can say I’ve done it. After that though I’ll be okay staying home or going to a party where a few close friends are there…not 1 million.

My last thought: Who cleans all of this stuff up? We know that Bloomberg isn’t having the snow plows brought in to just push all the trash in a pile…so who is doing all the cleaning?

Happy New 2011 to all and to all a goodnight!


One Response to “Generic New Year’s Post”

  1. kbeave Says:

    So you haven’t actually posted since you made it to NYC…just know that I expect pictures ok?

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