I’ve arrived!

January 14, 2011

I’ve been in New York for 4 days and my life has literally been flipped on end. I’ve moved into an apartment and prepared to move out in this time. Long story…

Basically, Monday I go into town and met up with my roommate, Katie. On Tuesday I moved into the apartment and by Thursday I found out that I had to live on campus. It’s bittersweet for me because I really enjoy living with Katie but things are what they are and I have to move.

Other than that I’ve been trying to figure out my way around the city and failing miserably at swiping my Metrocard. Apparently it’s one big motion not smaller ones.

Tuesday I experienced my first NYC snow and I’ll say that ice flying at your face feels like daggers. It was weird to see it accumulate so quickly on the ground. I thought I’d get a few days without any odd weather but Mother Nature obviously wanted to prepare me for the shock early. Thanks, Lady.

Wednesday Katie and I went to Bedford Ave to bar hop but found that we were overrun with too cool hipster who were against having fun or possessing a little personality. The pizza place we stopped at before the bars was brimming over with fun but you walk into a bar wearing less than vintage everything and you get judged. So instead of sticking it out for hours I finished my Beerdriver (beer + orange juice) and Katie finished her never ending beer and margarita mixed drink and we headed to the 24 hour mini-mart to grab a 6-pack and brownies. We ended the night with Season 1 of Dawson’s Creek.

Thursday was full of me figuring my NYU life out since they have been AWFUL at getting back to me. However, everything is gravy and I’m able to start classes on the 24th. Had a fab Crumb Cupcake (mine was the Squiggle and packed a whopping 550 calories). I shameless ate the rich dessert and then went to the two-story Forever21 to browse aka buy a few things. 4 things and $40 later I hopped back on the L train and made my way back to Brooklyn.

A small observation before I end this very brief and uninspiring post: all of the children in this city who are in strollers are covered in plastic. The plastic babies are much scarier than regular uncovered ones. I will try and get a photo of these elusive kids sometime to share.

Everyday has been an adventure and a learning process.

Updates to come!

Love from the big city,
Samantha G


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