Talkin’ New York

February 2, 2011

Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted on my blog but I promise it has not been forgotten. Today marks the 23 day that I’ve been in NYC. So far it has been full of learning, loss, and snow. I started off the semester with a bang and a phone session where I was crying about being lost and annoyed. Thankfully, that has all been put behind me and I’m now reasonably acclimated with my surroundings and can even tell you which way is uptown and downtown (in my past visit this was an issue that was never resolved).

I have done A LOT since arriving including going on several job interviews, meeting tons of new people (some nice and others complete dumbasses), and eating wayyyy too much food (however, I’ve somehow lost weight since being here).

Classes at NYU are absolutely fabulous and I have literally never been more inspired to share theatre with people of all ages and demographics. I had a very Southern moment in class the other day when we were discussing Southern Theatre and people and I was the only person in the class who has crossed the Mason-Dixon Line. Some people have a very negative view of the south and I hope that I changed that.  Other than that I have loved my classes and enjoy going to them and reading the material assigned to me.

I have started sounding more and more “New York”-ish lately. I have added the phrase “mad crazy” to my vocabulary and it has proven to be kinda awesome and makes me a little more accepted in the fold.

All in all I love it here. This is definitely something that I needed in my life and I’m unbelievably happy.

My next post will be a little less all over the place and more focused. This is just my way of quickly updating people. 🙂

Love from the City,



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