It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City

February 24, 2011

I’ve become accustomed to the noises of the city-a bus passing by, a taxi’s honk, random wind blowing, my neighbor’s annoying cackle, and let’s not forget the *boom bam hummm* of my heater. Without these noises I’m not sure if I could sleep anymore <—this is my idea of sarcasm in writing. I’m still working on it. In my small dorm space I have made a little home that I look forward to coming to after my adventures around town. Lately, I’ve been feeling increasingly claustrophobic and I wish spring would show its face. Going outside is one huge pain in the ass because it’s cold, windy and people are all together unpleasant. About a week ago there was a freak of nature (literally) occurrence where it was a beautiful 68 degrees! People were smiling, taking strolls, and generally speaking being less irritable. That is, until the temp dropped back down to 25 and stayed there since. Mother Nature is a cruel cruel force and I wish she would get it together and just give us some sunshine; not that sunshine that lures you outside in hopes of it being a lovely day, no. The kind that is warming and forces you into adventure mode!

I think I’m just over the weather. I want sunshine and green trees. One thing I miss about GA is that no matter the season there is always something green growing. I haven’t seen a tree with leaves on it once since moving to NY and I’m not exactly sure how New Yorkers get fresh oxygen…I’m almost positive we’re all breathing in each others nasty CO2 and that’s why everyone has a mean look on their face.  Either that or the large amount of smokers in and around NYU campus are affecting the air quality…I’ll blame them for now.

That’s another thing that I really wish would change…the amount of people who are smoking around me daily. I don’t smoke but for some reason I always get home and smell like I just smoked a pack of Menthols (which if you were curious cost a whopping $10!). I already have a coffee addiction and I don’t want to pick up a smoking habit just from second hand using.  I feel like people in this city are addicted to one thing or another. Smoking, coffee, finding newer and more underground bands, yoga or just plain being “New York.” It seems to me that everyone tries really hard to be a cliche but also be individuals at the same time. Well, I say, “Get into a 12 step program, New York. I’m suffering because of your self-involved attitude.” With all due respect though, I love this city and its weird way of running. I don’t think that it would work any other way. Sometimes I just wish I could get away for a few hours and breath some fresh, clean, crisp air….preferably without a taxi honking in the background and the smell of thawed out garbage hitting the back of my nostrils.

You’re gross NYC but I love you.


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