Anaconda, Tom, and updates!

February 24, 2011

I feel like every time that I update this blog I’m apologizing for not writing. Well, I’m sorry. I always think “Man, I should really blog today because awesome things are happening” but then I forget and move on to the next task. The past few weeks have been a huge blur for me. Things go: school, job 1, and then job 2. The weekends are full of hanging with lovely new people and eating way too much delicious food.

One Saturday a few weeks ago I went with another person to see “Anaconda”, yes, the film with JLo and Ice Cube. It was at the IFC Center and the theater was full to the brim…I’m exaggerating but it did have at least 7 people there with two very enthusiastic grad students (I’m referring to myself and cohort). The movie lasted a riveting 90 mins and with the snake being pwd via fire and the bad guy being swallowed.  Outings like this have become some of my favorite since being in NYC. I’ve realized that leaving the Village is sucky for me since the anxiety of being around SO many people makes me nauseous, irritable, and pouty. This however, is being remedied because there are lots of fun things to do out of NYU part of town.

Lately I have had a lot going on. I got a job working at PS 34 and an internship at Theatre for a New Audience (check it: So other than school I’m working a TON! Life is lovely and I love NYC. Classes are great so far but I’m a little intimidated by some of the people in them. I am a first semester grad student and I have 4th semester students in some of my classes. They know WAY more than I do and I like to be the smartest person around so it’s a little disheartening but it also gives me something to strive for.

TOM IS IN NYC! He got here a few days ago and I’m so excited to have someone from LG near me. Literally, he lives 4 (short) blocks from me. Oh, and he’s working in the same building that I work in-different company but same building. WEIRD.

I wish there was more to update everyone on but things are sort of chill. I’m looking for internships/jobs for the summer and hoping I get something in the city. If not I’ll be moving it out of NYC for a few months and to some other location.

I’m seriously going to update this more…seriously.


One Response to “Anaconda, Tom, and updates!”

  1. Not Tom Says:

    This Tom guy seems pretty cool….You should take him to the A Salt and Battery restaurant

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