Fresh faced to Meet the World

April 10, 2011

Although it has been a WHILE I didn’t want to blog when I didn’t really have anything to say. Well for the past week I have been planning on writing this but haven’t found the time. I now do since I’m waiting for my food to be delivered. As I placed my order for pancakes, egg whites, and orange juice I started putting on my makeup. Why, you ask? We because that’s what I do. Let me explain.


Since moving to NYC I have noticed several things about the girls around here and one of them is that they either don’t care about what they look like or are using A LOT of energy to act as if they don’t care. I swear when I walk out of my building to go to work the girls I meet in the elevator aren’t wearing a lick of makeup (for my non-Southern friends who read this I’ll translate: That means they aren’t wearing any haha). Plus instead of blowdrying their hair or at least putting a little product in it they just let it hang. What is it with these girls? Do they just not care or is it cool to look like that?

I take my makeup lessons from my mother. That woman, no fail, will get in the car and apply her lipstick before we open the garage door. She never does it in the house and I’m not sure if she wants it fresh or what. I do know that she takes care of her skin like crazy and always hounds me about me moisturized. She carefully applies her “face” every day and I admire that!

Now I’m not saying that you have to have on blush, 3 eyeshadows, and gloss but something…anything to cover up those dark circles from the late nights and skin imperfections. I mean, usually the only people who get to see me without my makeup are my family and the people that I’m sleeping with and even then I get weird about it. Perhaps this is just another Southern thing that I can’t let go of like saying “ya”ll” cause “you guys” sounds weird coming off my tongue or “ma’am” and “sir” when speaking to someone older than me. Who knows?

So in closing get it together NYC ladies. This city is suppose to be an icon of beauty and fashion and we’re running around with our hair in top knots (which I’m guilty of) and makeup -less faces (which I would NEVER go out with).  Let’s put on some concealer and look presentable.


Love from the Big City  ,



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