November 29, 2012

Samantha Gambino: K-4 Performing Arts Teacher. Yeah…that’s me!

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in theatre. Staying hours and hours after school to work on shows to choosing it as my major in college, I’ve always been in the theatre. What I thought I was going to do with that degree and all that knowledge, I’m not sure.

Also, for as long as I can remember I’ve had an aversion to children under the age of 15. The words sticky, loud, and weird come to mind from a time (not to long ago) when I would talk about children.

So time moved forward and I went to graduate school at NYU to get yet another degree but this time in Educational Theatre!

*blah blah blah* I graduated and NOW here I am working with KINDERGARTEN (ages 4/5 respectfully) through 4th grade (act like 4/5 year olds..respectfully).

And apparently yesterday was a full moon because I had to physically drag children kicking and screaming out of my room. They were first graders so I was able to muscle my way out of the door with them but WOAH.

All in all I loove looove looooove my job! The people are bright and hardworking…plus lots of fun.

More to come.


Love from the City,




Top 5 since 2011

November 24, 2012

Hello Lovely Blog Readers,

I haven’t written a post in over a year! Holy cow, the things that have happened since May 20, 2011. I will make a list of the “Top 5 Moments since 2011–Sam Gambino Style!” (I would have done more but 5 seemed like plenty).

1. I graduated from NYU! After 1.5 years of study I walked across the stage at Radio City Music Hall. Boom Masters degree!


2. Got an AMAZING job. Working with wonderful, bright, and spirited children daily teaching theatre and much much more!


3. Met the amazing Thomas McAdams. Shortly after I stopped blogging I met, Tom. 🙂 He is the very very best and knows how to put up with my large personality. Love him to pieces and so lucky to have him in my life.


4. Moved from one crazy neighborhood in the ghetto to another neighborhood full of hipsters, coffee shops, and secondhand stores. Love and hate this place but lucky to be here.


5. Met amazing friends in the last (almost) 2 years! From coworkers, to fellow students, and friends of friends I have experienced so many new personalities and met WAY more than my share of amazing folks.

(not actual friends–if only)

I will be back at this soon enough. Updating you guys about my students, random thoughts, and happenings in and around NYC.

Love from the City,


Seriously though, I have been “hustlin'” for the past few months trying to line up a job for the summer. And low and behold the very last day that I was in my former living situation I get not only one job but two! I’ve had several offers but none of them started until the END OF JULY. What about June, ppl? I need to pay rent and eat.

Well lovely ladies and gentlemen who read this blog still I’ve situated myself into the world of reception and retail. Oh and add in some here and there babysitting and you’re in my life. With all of those things combined (no I don’t make Captain Planet) but I do make $$.

Along with all of that employment stuff I’ve also moved away from Manhattan into Brooklyn. I’m couch surfing for the time being but looking for a place .We went and looked at the first potential place yesterday and that was lots o’ fun. By June 1st we’re moving in and starting a rad  pad! It’ll be nice to be settled into a place that I can call home and not worry that I have to pick up and move in the next couple of month.

All in all things are looking up and I can’t wait to experience the summer in NYC.

Love from the City,


New York, New York

April 30, 2011

In all seriousness, Sinatra said it best with New York, New York. This song describes everything that I wanted out of this fantastic city that I call my home now. I think that lately I’ve been really down because well…shit hasn’t been going my way. I’ve been told that it’s not the time for this or that and that I’m just plain too “green” for things. I let the blues creep in but I’m pushing it completely out and coming back at New York with the eyes I came into it with.

“If I can make it there, I’m going to make it anywhere.” So true…if I can find a job here I’m going to be able to find one anywhere. I’ve been on the job hunt for over a month and a half and I’ve gotten so close I could see the W-2 form that I needed to fill out. haha

The semester is wrapping up and stress levels are high. WIth interviews, finals, and laundry piling up I’m not sure how I’m going to get through it all. I have a great network of friends here and at home and family members that love me unconditionally. They will be the only way that I’ll get through the next few weeks. I’m keeping myself positive and busy so that once the semester is over I’ll actually be able to feel relaxation.

Broadway musicals are inspiring me right now and I have this new verve to either 1) dance or 2) design again. I purchased a new sketch pad and have started drawing again. I miss designing and dancing. Things are going to be great. I’m working my ass off to make it in this town and I will if it’s the last thing I do. I’ll make it on my own if I have to.

Love from the city,


ps: This is awesome it says “Thanks for the pizza! I’ll be back” Hilarious. 

But you obviously can’t take the country out of the girl. I’ve never really identified myself with where I’m from. I’ve always been way “too good” to claim my Southern roots…until now. Lately, I have been listening to tons and tons of GA based singers from the 60s and loving the hell out of it. There are even short SHORT moments when I miss listening to the radio and knowing that all I will ever hear it country music.

I’m sure this is just a phase that I will grow out of but I miss the slowness of the South and the weather. Maybe that’s what I miss the most. I’m so ready for Spring to show it’s face here that it’s a little sickening. Singers like Otis Redding and Ray Charles make me feel like the warm wind it blowing in my face and I can run around outside barefoot. I love New York–I really do but there are times when I want to put my feet in the grass and lounge back in a chair with my face turned up to the sun. The concrete jungle is forcing me to feel a little claustrophobic but maybe this weekend I’ll go to Central Park.

*Correction to all of this: I did make it outside for an extended amount of time and holy hell-I got sunburned. I’m pretty sure it was a mixture of lack of sunscreen (well reapplication of said sunscreen) and the sun bouncing off of the concrete and smacking into my right side–which is the only side that is burned. Hoo-rah for the sun, boo ginger-like tendencies.

Semi-Burnt Ginger













And just for funsies I’ll show you what I was watching so intently that I let myself get burned:










His catch phrase was “I think I’m amazing”–I liked him because we have the same catch phrase.

Love from the Big City,


Although it has been a WHILE I didn’t want to blog when I didn’t really have anything to say. Well for the past week I have been planning on writing this but haven’t found the time. I now do since I’m waiting for my food to be delivered. As I placed my order for pancakes, egg whites, and orange juice I started putting on my makeup. Why, you ask? We because that’s what I do. Let me explain.


Since moving to NYC I have noticed several things about the girls around here and one of them is that they either don’t care about what they look like or are using A LOT of energy to act as if they don’t care. I swear when I walk out of my building to go to work the girls I meet in the elevator aren’t wearing a lick of makeup (for my non-Southern friends who read this I’ll translate: That means they aren’t wearing any haha). Plus instead of blowdrying their hair or at least putting a little product in it they just let it hang. What is it with these girls? Do they just not care or is it cool to look like that?

I take my makeup lessons from my mother. That woman, no fail, will get in the car and apply her lipstick before we open the garage door. She never does it in the house and I’m not sure if she wants it fresh or what. I do know that she takes care of her skin like crazy and always hounds me about me moisturized. She carefully applies her “face” every day and I admire that!

Now I’m not saying that you have to have on blush, 3 eyeshadows, and gloss but something…anything to cover up those dark circles from the late nights and skin imperfections. I mean, usually the only people who get to see me without my makeup are my family and the people that I’m sleeping with and even then I get weird about it. Perhaps this is just another Southern thing that I can’t let go of like saying “ya”ll” cause “you guys” sounds weird coming off my tongue or “ma’am” and “sir” when speaking to someone older than me. Who knows?

So in closing get it together NYC ladies. This city is suppose to be an icon of beauty and fashion and we’re running around with our hair in top knots (which I’m guilty of) and makeup -less faces (which I would NEVER go out with).  Let’s put on some concealer and look presentable.


Love from the Big City  ,


I’ve become accustomed to the noises of the city-a bus passing by, a taxi’s honk, random wind blowing, my neighbor’s annoying cackle, and let’s not forget the *boom bam hummm* of my heater. Without these noises I’m not sure if I could sleep anymore <—this is my idea of sarcasm in writing. I’m still working on it. In my small dorm space I have made a little home that I look forward to coming to after my adventures around town. Lately, I’ve been feeling increasingly claustrophobic and I wish spring would show its face. Going outside is one huge pain in the ass because it’s cold, windy and people are all together unpleasant. About a week ago there was a freak of nature (literally) occurrence where it was a beautiful 68 degrees! People were smiling, taking strolls, and generally speaking being less irritable. That is, until the temp dropped back down to 25 and stayed there since. Mother Nature is a cruel cruel force and I wish she would get it together and just give us some sunshine; not that sunshine that lures you outside in hopes of it being a lovely day, no. The kind that is warming and forces you into adventure mode!

I think I’m just over the weather. I want sunshine and green trees. One thing I miss about GA is that no matter the season there is always something green growing. I haven’t seen a tree with leaves on it once since moving to NY and I’m not exactly sure how New Yorkers get fresh oxygen…I’m almost positive we’re all breathing in each others nasty CO2 and that’s why everyone has a mean look on their face.  Either that or the large amount of smokers in and around NYU campus are affecting the air quality…I’ll blame them for now.

That’s another thing that I really wish would change…the amount of people who are smoking around me daily. I don’t smoke but for some reason I always get home and smell like I just smoked a pack of Menthols (which if you were curious cost a whopping $10!). I already have a coffee addiction and I don’t want to pick up a smoking habit just from second hand using.  I feel like people in this city are addicted to one thing or another. Smoking, coffee, finding newer and more underground bands, yoga or just plain being “New York.” It seems to me that everyone tries really hard to be a cliche but also be individuals at the same time. Well, I say, “Get into a 12 step program, New York. I’m suffering because of your self-involved attitude.” With all due respect though, I love this city and its weird way of running. I don’t think that it would work any other way. Sometimes I just wish I could get away for a few hours and breath some fresh, clean, crisp air….preferably without a taxi honking in the background and the smell of thawed out garbage hitting the back of my nostrils.

You’re gross NYC but I love you.